The LertViZutte Story

Lertvizutte, which means excellency in Thai, is a result of our passion for wanting to offer sterling silver jewelry with a simplistic, positive philosophy which very well goes against the busy hectic world we live in today. From years of traveling, we have found Japanese origami to be a creative, minimalist art that radiates beauty and passion. It's an art form that ignites our love for Japanese and international cultures and instills the belief that life doesn't have to be complicated. You can slow down, take it easy and enjoy every moment. We're hoping to pass on these wonderful qualities through original origami and minimalist jewelry.

Our designs are elegant and simple yet hold incredible craftsmanship since we handcraft each piece with a team of skilled artisans. LertViZutte jewelry aims to be an instant classic, look and feel amazing when wear, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Our new studio is located right in the center of one of the world busiest gemstone trading markets which enable us to bring you amazing selections and fine quality.

Thank you for reading and visiting our little craftsman shop.